Am I a Qualified Christian?

A question you have probably asked yourself before… Am I a qualified Christian? Simplified more would be.. Am I qualified to do God’s work? So many people feel like they have to “get right” or work out all their kinks or wrongdoings before going to church. The truth is, God wants us to come as we are and allow Him to work in us to make us the best version of ourselves. That exact notion is what led my husband’s best friend Bruce to start a service called “As You Are”. Alongside him is my best friend, (his wife) Angela. Together they have impacted our lives tremendously and continue to impact others everyday by doing the Lord’s work. “As You Are” meets on Wednesdays and Bruce always brings a powerful message. Often, I sit there listening to the message and think of all the people who could benefit from it that aren’t able to be there. Because of that, along with my love for reading and writing, the idea formed to start a blog. My decision to start this blog was easy to make, however, the follow through proved more difficult.

I am beyond “tech-illiterate” so please forgive me if my blog isn’t pretty or doesn’t lure you in the way some others are able to. The purpose of this blog is not to please people aesthetically, but rather to spread God’s word by reiterating Bruce’s message each Wednesday to my readers.


Uh.. what a word. It has so much strength, doesn’t it? Well I am going to tell you all about my recent bout with motivation, as well as where this blog got it’s name from. As a general background on me, one I will probably delve deeper into later, I wasn’t always a follower of Christ. As a matter of fact, 3 or 4 years ago, the only time you would have caught me saying God’s name would have been in vain. I didn’t know the Lord and had no desire to get to know Him. Through a certain series of events (that again I will tell y’all about later) I met the Lord and fell in love. Since that day, I have grown intent on knowing and loving Him more each day. Recently, my husband started a somewhat funky shift at work, which took him away from our weekly routine of going to “As You Are” on Wednesday nights. Now as many of you know, a relationship with Christ takes work, moreover it takes consistency. As even more of you know, life is always happening around us, threatening that consistency.

Please don’t hear me say that you must go to church every Sunday to have a relationship with Christ or get into Heaven. I simply DON’T believe that’s true. But we will save that for another post!

My point is.. for me, as a baby in Christ, I need the consistency to stay on track. Of course I should go to church even when my husband can’t, and I do most of the time. However, my motivation has been nonexistent at best. My husband motivates me each day, and as a result, he motivated me to go each Wednesday despite the day I had, the homework that was due, or the chores that needed to be done around the house. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE going to “As You Are” but I have never been one to complain about having a little motivation with anything that I do. As a result of losing that motivation, I felt myself begin to slip a little, more and more each day. To top off my motivational downward spiral, I had a bracelet that my husband bought me a couple of years ago at a Christian men’s conference. The bracelet had “Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” written on it and I wore it every day. During a recent vacation to the lake, my bracelet fell off in the middle of the lake and I was unable to retrieve it. It broke my heart, I even cried to know I’d never get that meaningful gift from my husband back. In my mind, maybe even my heart, it was like a tie had broken that secured my relationship with the Lord. All motivation to continue working at it was gone.

That’s crazy, right? To allow a bracelet to affect your mood, even worse, your relationship with God!

Fast forward a couple of weeks, a friend of mine posted on her blog, one I was unaware even existed. I reached out to her to ask how she went about setting her’s up. She even ensured me that is was easy and fun to do! OKAY! So we are one step closer to getting that blog started! Now to get my motivation back..

*insert last night’s service here*thBJFAWZRU.jpg

LITERALLY, INSERT IT HERE! Truly an inspirational message for me and a kick in the right direction. Bruce spoke about being qualified to do God’s work. That got me thinking about what the hold up is on the whole blog thing. Is it that I feel unqualified to do God’s work? Certainly I have done plenty that would disqualify me. I do something daily that would disqualify me, as does everyone else in the world. But just when we think there is no hope for us, God swoops in with all his power and grace and he deems us worthy. He says we are worthy of doing His work. He calls us qualified.

How honored do you feel for God Himself to call you qualified to do His work?

I can’t imagine a greater feeling. That feeling empowered me to start this blog. So when you don’t feel qualified, please remember that through the Lord, you are. “For you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!” And when you feel that you have nothing to offer, remember that God made you in His own image. The Lord made me to do some things better than the next person, the next to do some things better than me, so that together we can carry out His work.

Bruce, if you are reading this, thank you for your inspirational message, from which I took most of this content. To you and Angela, thank you for inspiring me to be a better person through Christ. Thank you for being the family that you never had to be. To my husband, Justin, thank you for changing my life by introducing me to Christ, and thank you for motivating me everyday since. And to the Lord, thank YOU for qualifying me to do Your work.

Until next time… thanks for reading!


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