Maybe Later God, I’m Busy

Sorry God, I’m too busy to start that Wednesday night service. Sorry God, I’m too busy to write that blog. Sorry God, I’m too busy to pray before my meal. Sorry God, I’m too busy for You…13256416_937414559703081_6309883890331592183_n

Who here relates to this? Who here has said, or thought those words? You aren’t alone! I have and still do say this from time to time. I’m too busy God, come back later! Shame on me for denying God. That’s what we are doing guys, rejecting the Lord when we say or think those things.

Before we start I just want to say, God is SO good.. Amen? I’m not just saying that because He is, but because so much happened tonight that reminded me of that. Tonight was another wonderful night at “As You Are”. I love how Bruce goes from A to D, then jumps back to B and C. Just when you think he is losing his mind, it all makes perfect sense. That is one of the things that makes him a brilliant speaker. He keeps you engaged.

Let’s also praise God for music!

And praise Him for putting me beside Angela tonight because to hear her sing touches my soul. I’m serious guys, if I didn’t feel God’s presence before, I knew He was there after I heard her singing.

Another thing I experienced tonight, and this may earn me some backlash.. I experienced for the first time tonight, hearing someone speak in tongues.

WOAH… I felt the presence of God surge through me like a lightning bolt.

I know there are some who don’t believe in or are against the idea of speaking in tongues and in all honesty, I don’t know enough about it to make a defensive argument about it. Rather than fight me on it, getting mad and never reading again, or going away from this with questions left unanswered though.. PLEASE reach out to me in the comments with your questions and I WILL have them answered by someone more knowledgeable than me! All I can confidently tell you about it is that it is God’s way of praying for us. He speaks from within those who have prayed to receive that ability, to say the things they can’t or don’t know how to say themselves. Like I said.. just WOW!

Now back to the topic at hand, tonight’s message! Who reading this is struggling with something? Anyone fighting any battles?


Give up your struggles to the Lord, let Him relieve you of those battles. We struggle to do that because we all want to be leaders. There are too many leaders in the world and not enough followers! (or as my grandma would say.. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians!) In all reality, if we all surrendered our leadership and become followers of Christ, what could possibly stop us?

Unfortunately, so many of us place God on the back-burner in our lives. Life gets in the way. Work needs you, your children need you, your spouse needs you, so we say.. “Hold on God, I’ll be right back, I don’t have time right now.”

Guys… God needs us. God made us. Jesus died for us. LET’S MAKE HIM A PRIORITY!

A lot of people will say, “Well I’m going to church, isn’t that enough?” Here’s the thing.. we can’t just give God Sunday’s and/or Wednesday’s. God deserves out full attention 24/7. “Well when I need God, He doesn’t show up” Are you giving Him your time and attention?? “When I talk to Him, He doesn’t answer” Are you actually spending time talking to Him or do you run to Him when you need something and never look back? Let’s be honest with ourselves, how much time do we really spend with God? How often do we really talk to Him? How often do we dive into His word by reading the Bible? Twain_DenialAintJust

Look, if your answer doesn’t impress you, you’re not alone! If no one else is with you, I am. I desperately need to read more and pray more and worship more! I need to spend more time with God than just Wednesday nights. Bruce asked a powerful question tonight and now I am going to ask you..

Are you a church member or are you a kingdom member?

Go ahead, answer. If you don’t like the answer then change it! Guys, stop denying God. Sure you show up to church, but do you go out of your way to talk about God? Do we reject God’s calling for our lives? How often have we found ourselves feeling embarrassed about raising our hands during worship? Maybe more commonly, how often do we find ourselves saying, “Maybe later God, that doesn’t work with my schedule right now.” We’ve got to stop being so selfish. God made you! The least we could do would be to devote ourselves and our time to Him whenever He wants it.

Walk with God, give Him your time, make Him your number ONE priority, stop denying Him, and just see how your life changes.

Don’t allow the fear of how the world will see you hold you back.

Fear leads to comparison, Faith leads to contentment.

Fear leads to panic, Faith leads to patience.

Fear leads to division, Faith leads to devotion.

Fear leads to paralysis, faith leads to freedom.th4FH9HQPT

Can you see a pattern there? Guys, don’t let fear hold you back or cause you to deny the Lord. Allow God’s love to free you tonight. Kick rocks for Christ! Shine for the Lord!

Don’t shine so that others may see you, shine so that through you others may see Him. – C.S. Lewis

Thank you for the message Bruce!

Until next time.. thanks for reading!!


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