How Many Masters Can One Person Have?

When Bruce started talking this Wednesday night, I said to myself.. “YES! Finally! A message where I don’t feel like Bruce is talking directly at me and convicting me where I sit.” In all honesty, I don’t mind when his messages convict me because it keeps me in check. It almost feels like God is speaking to me through Bruce when it’s a message that pertains to my life in that exact moment. Every now and then though, that feeling of “this isn’t about me” is there and I feel so proud. *cringe*

There I was, thinking.. “okay, he is talking about masters and I only have one master! If I wasn’t taking notes for the blog, I wouldn’t even have to listen to this message because I already pass this test with flying colors!”

Knock knock.. Who’s there? Oh, it’s just “Friday” coming to tell you that between your pride over “passing the message” and your other masters, you managed NOT to write your blog post.


After this realization this morning, I text my group of closest friends in one of those dreaded group messages… I basically told them that I had already written the post, I just needed to type it up. I promised them I would get it done and asked them to just hang in there with me. THEN I said, “between work and school, I just haven’t had time!”

So while I am in the shower this morning, where all your best thinking happens.. God squished me like a little ant and He laughed at me. He said.. “Um, remember how you claimed you don’t have any other masters? Remember how you already wrote this post and referenced that anything taking your time away from Me is a master? Remember that text you just sent that said work and school are taking your time?” *Flick! Right in the back of the head.* Then this little man, as Bruce would say, walked into my mind and turned on the light switch..


School and work are masters for me. Now, I don’t for a second believe that the Lord wants me to walk away and give up on my degree that I’m SO close to finishing. I also don’t think he wants me to quit my job. What he wants is my time and focus.

“Study for that test, but before, during, and after.. come to Me.. love Me.. seek Me.. NEVER set Me aside for school or work but instead keep me with you in all things that you do. If you do that then your life will run so much smoother.” <– that’s what God said to me in the shower this morning!

And you know what I said? NOT TODAY SATAN! I’M ON IT GOD!

I jump out of the shower.. forgot to wash my hair so I jumped back in the shower..(feeling slightly embarrassed) THEN jumped back out and ran straight for my notebook and wrote everything you read above..

Now people.. take it from me.. allow yourself to be convicted here…

How many masters do you have?


Who is your master? Is it money? Drugs? Relationships? How many can truly say that God is our one and only master?

Sometimes it’s easy to call Him your master but does He really have your undivided attention? Are you constantly worried about your job? Are you constantly working because you are always worried about money? There are so many worldly things that can consume our time, energy, and attention.

What some fail to realize is that God’s presence in your life is like a high. A high greater than what can be achieved through drugs or money or any of the other things you are currently seeking to fulfill your high. I personally have never used any type of drugs so no, I don’t know the high of that. What I do know is that the high you get from all those things I just named is temporary. I also know that the high you get from having God in your life is eternal. So you tell me what’s better? A temporary high or an eternal high?

Money is so often a master that people turn to.. They believe that having money will make them happy. And short-term, it might actually even work. Now, that’s not to say if you are fortunate and blessed enough to have money that you are facing a certain eternity in Hell. I’m not saying that, folks. It’s all in how you value your money. How important is your money to you? How would you feel if you lost it all today? What would you do to get it? Those are the big questions! The biggest.. Is money your master?


If anything is taking your time and attention from God then it’s just not worth it. Get rid of it, or at least don’t allow it to consume you. Same goes for people! Are you in a relationship that consumes all your attention? God should always be your #1 priority and when relationships threaten that, things might not work out the way you want. Ever wonder why God took that “perfect” guy/girl from you? Or why you just can’t seem to find anyone? And then you wonder.. why God, do You take the things/people who make me the happiest? That person/thing is all I need to be happy and You took it!

But time out.. You said it.. That person is all you need. That thing makes you the happiest. God wants to be that for you! God needs to be that for you.

See our God is a jealous God. I get it! I feel Him on that because I’m a jealous wife. I shouldn’t be, I have no reason to be.. but here I am…jealous. So God and I, we have that in common.


He wants your undivided attention, your unwavering love.

*Woah, I don’t know if I can do all of that.. that seems like a lot.*

NEWSFLASH PEOPLE.. Jesus died for you! He took all of your burdens from you! He took your mistakes and shortfalls and said “it’s okay, keep moving forward and try harder next time”. Our God is a forgiving God and He has already forgiven you for what you will do tomorrow. To devote our time, love, and attention is so small compared to all of that!

Let us get up off our buns and show God the time, love, and attention that He deserves!

And you know what?? Stop blaming God for the things that go wrong in your life! THANK HIM for getting you through it! STOP asking why God won’t answer your prayers. You know what? Sometimes life’s greatest blessings are those “unanswered” prayers. SOMETIMES God answers them with an answer you don’t want to hear. Well suck it up, buttercup because that will continue to be the answer until you realize why that’s what’s best for you. God made you, He wrote your story. You don’t hardly think you know what you need better than Him? And don’t keep asking the same question, expecting a different result if you aren’t changing anything.

God doesn’t change, so don’t expect His answers to.

Sorry about that rant, folks. You just can’t ask questions with an answer already in mind, only to get angry when it doesn’t work out that way. Worse than that is to ask someone you know will give you the answer you want to hear. What’s the point? Stop looking for answers from worldly people and start asking the God-seeking people around you.

Here is an analogy for you to wrap up this post…

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.. Say you have $86,400 dollars in your pocket.. You drop $10 on the ground and then someone takes it. A couple of things can happen from here.. Let’s say you confront that person and it goes south and that person kills you over that $10. OR say you decide you are going to fight for that $10. You suit up with your expensive lawyers and you take it to the courts. Well now you have spent the rest of your money worried about that $10.

Same goes for everything else, guys. Don’t let that one person, that one test, that one customer make you miss out on that other 86,390 seconds in your day. Brush it off, keep on moving. Leave all those worldly concerns and masters behind to worship your one and only God.

Show the world that what you are giving up is so miniscule in comparison to what they can gain with the Lord.





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