Don’t Get It Twisted!


Pump your brakes and DON’T GET IT TWISTED!

Starting now, I am going to refer to these posts as God’s posts, not mine. I am also going to refer to my source as God’s messages, rather than Bruce’s. Bruce and I, in Bruce’s words, are just pizza boxes, delivering God’s warm delicious pizza message. Seriously guys, this is God’s work.

God’s message Wednesday night was all about.. “don’t get it twisted”. As a society, we tend to twist things to benefit or glorify ourselves. We strive to make ourselves look good, when in reality, a lot of what we do and say isn’t good at all. That’s when we start twisting the truth.

“Did you clean your room?”

“Well.. I started on it.”

“Did you do your homework?”

“Well.. I couldn’t say that I didn’t not do it.”

(For those scratching your head, that was a glorified was of say NO)


And it’s not just our words we are twisting, but also our actions. Even things we are doing for God can become twisted to glorify ourselves. One way to see this would be through the gifts that God gives us. Whether you are good at singing, public speaking, writing, etc., those abilities are given to you by God. These singers that go on to become famous and make millions, but aren’t doing it for God’s glory alone are twisting that gift that He gave them, for their benefit.

I definitely felt some conviction last night. In my opinion, anyone would be lying to say they have never twisted something to make it work in their favor. Listening to the message though, I felt grateful. Grateful because I was convicted of this very thing a couple of weeks earlier. To hear about it from Bruce reiterated to me how easy it is to get off track though. See when Bruce first started “As You Are”, he said something to me that really stuck with me. Once I started this blog I quickly realized why. Bruce said that after a couple of weeks of doing the service on Wednesday nights, something was different. He started counting the numbers.. How many are here? Is that more or less than last week? How many people are coming up for prayer? If no one is, are these messages even affecting anyone?

It was then that he started having trouble coming up with a message. That’s when he laid it down at the cross and allowed the Lord to convict him. In looking at the numbers, he was seeking personal gratification. In trying to come up with a message, it became his message rather than God’s. This wasn’t Bruce’s intentions, I don’t think for a second that Bruce has ever had ill-intentions or self-gratifying motives in doing this. But it’s where he found himself and he stopped. He gave it up. He stopped counting.


He made up his mind that whether there was one in attendance or 200, he would be there to deliver God’s message, not his own.

Like I said, when he told me that, it really stuck with me and I wasn’t sure why at the time. Honestly, I never thought I would be doing anything like this, where the things I say or write would be heard by others. Then I started this blog! And really guys.. I do want to reach a lot of people all over because I want the wonderful, God-given messages that Bruce delivers to me in a pizza box to reach the whole world! That being said, I immediately started looking at the stats. How many are reading? How many comments and likes? How many countries have we reached?  The whole first week after starting the blog, I woke up and checked the blog stats before I even got out of bed.

That’s when I stopped… I heard Bruce’s words, “Stop counting the numbers!”. So I did. I won’t lie, I still look at them from time to time. As a matter of fact, someone asked me yesterday how it was going and I told them that the blog had reached 15 countries. And I really think that’s great! But they aren’t my numbers.. They are God’s numbers.

It’s like looking at someone else’s bank account… just because you can see how many dollars they have doesn’t make them anymore yours than if you weren’t looking at them at all.

See, each view is a win for God. Each new country is a win for God. I’m just the vessel that He is using the get these posts typed up!


Last nights messages was simply a reminder to me, only because I have already been convicted of this very thing before. Now everything else that Bruce mentioned was an eye opener for sure. You just don’t think about all the ways that you can twist something for your benefit versus the Lord’s. Sometimes we do it and don’t even realize it. By nature, humans are selfish. We are hard-wired by society to put ourselves first. So sometimes we twist things to glorify ourselves before God and don’t even think twice about it.

It’s time to change that! We need to wipe that way of thinking off the map!

And it’s hard.. I know that from personal experience. Please understand that all of these posts are intended for me to hear as well. I am not posting any of these as a direct aim at you, because Lord knows I need these as much or more than anyone. But for those who have read this far, this much I am sure of, we have one common enemy.. the devil.


Now for any English majors out there, I will NOT be capitalizing “devil”. I simply refuse to show his name any semblance of importance!

The devil’s sole purpose is to twist our way of thinking to better serve himself. A way of doing that is to cause what I just mentioned. If he can wiggle himself into your mind and talk you into putting yourself and your glorification over that of God’s and not thinking twice about it, then he has won.

“Well if I believe in God, then why is the devil even messing with me?”

It’s because you love JESUS people! The devil isn’t going to mess with you if he already has you!

So let’s kick the devil in the shin, take off running, and live glorify God over ourselves!

Everything you’ve done, are doing, or will do comes back to the foot of the cross so why not start there? Take everything to God first. Allow Him the front seat, let Him have all the glory. At the end of the day, all the glory, all the numbers, and all the stats belong to Him anyway!

14516871551_64fb7106da_o-300x300Until next time… thanks for reading!

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