Running on Empty

Hey guys! I wanted to try to take some time out today and have a little sit down with y'all. First, I want to thank everyone who reads these posts. I know that everyone has that thing called life going on and you have to take time out of your day to read what I'm... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Women’s Conference 2017

Trust Him! This post may seem a little jumpy because it has been based off of my experience at the E Women's Conference in Roanoke, VA on Oct 6th and 7th. There were many different speakers, each with there own stories. While I will be telling something from each speaker, they all have something in... Continue Reading →

Don’t Get It Twisted!

Pump your brakes and DON'T GET IT TWISTED! Starting now, I am going to refer to these posts as God's posts, not mine. I am also going to refer to my source as God's messages, rather than Bruce's. Bruce and I, in Bruce's words, are just pizza boxes, delivering God's warm delicious pizza message. Seriously... Continue Reading →

Maybe Later God, I’m Busy

Sorry God, I'm too busy to start that Wednesday night service. Sorry God, I'm too busy to write that blog. Sorry God, I'm too busy to pray before my meal. Sorry God, I'm too busy for You... Who here relates to this? Who here has said, or thought those words? You aren't alone! I have... Continue Reading →

Accepting the Liebster Award

Hello all! My name is Brittany Johnson and I started this blog two days ago and wrote my first post just YESTERDAY! I had a very strong desire to reach as many people as possible. Imagine my surprise, excitement, and disbelief when I was nominated for the Liebster Award the very next day!! I want... Continue Reading →

Am I a Qualified Christian?

A question you have probably asked yourself before... Am I a qualified Christian? Simplified more would be.. Am I qualified to do God's work? So many people feel like they have to "get right" or work out all their kinks or wrongdoings before going to church. The truth is, God wants us to come as... Continue Reading →

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